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Continuous delivery of innovative Engineering practices,
proven success DevOps

Seasia uses DevOps to bring business, development and operation stakeholders together to streamline delivery. At Seasia Canada, we use innovative automation techniques for deployment, configuration, environment set-up, monitoring and testing, to have quicker and predictable deployments to market, which have greater efficiency, to empower clients to sustain their competitive edge and upscale their business.

DevOps Life Cycle

Seasia Canada uses DevOps to amalgamate business, development, and operation stakeholders together to streamline delivery. Our proficient developers use automation techniques to increase the speed to deliver applications and services.

Benefits of Implementing DevOps

  • 21%


    21% reduction in time spent fixing & maintaining applications

  • 19%


    19% improvement in application quality and performance

  • 18%


    18% increase in revenue

  • 33%


    33% increase in time for infrastructure improvements

  • 15%


    15% increase in time for self-improvement

  • 60%


    60% decrease in application release time

How we work

  • 01.

    Assessment and Analysis

    We assess the need of your business process and implement a strategy and Road map which sets the course of DevOps execution.

  • 02.

    Application Architecture

    We define architecture that supports automated releasing, scalability, feature control, automated testing and operability.

  • 03.

    DevOps Implementation

    We build platform which supports DevOps practices from development to production. We implement key DevOps lifestyle practices.

  • 04.

    Continuous Integration

    We build platform which supports DevOps practices, frequent code integrations. Code changes are compiled and tested automatically.

  • 05.

    Continuous Testing

    Seasia uses Test Automation and service virtualization, to test every change comprehensively.

  • 06.

    Continuous Delivery

    We allow Real time releases and even a small change deployed individually, even to production.

Dcentral 1 app was in our thought from a long time and we are glad to collaborate with Seasia and its mobile app development team for turning it into an application. The work efforts provided by their team are recommendable.

John McAfee

Founder of McAfee Associates, Future Tense Secure Systems Lexington, Tennessee

Seasia team has provided me a wonderful solution to manage my business easily, they are really very sound and brilliant developers; I really recommend these guys. Thank you TEAM SEASIA!!!”

Sonny Kessebeh

Director of ASPENCL LLC, Minnesota, US

My major concern was the load my application would bear; working with Seasia helped me with my concern and provided an excellent product. A big thanks to the team.

Excellent work, all! This is indeed a great achievment, and moves us significantly down the road toward successful project completion.".

Mike Freese