Travel Card

In manufacturing industries, generally various components are first assembled and then taken for manufacturing into the final product; this involves assembling various major components to get the product. Here, to automate all this process a web and the mobile application as “Travel Card” is being incorporated, which defines the set of tasks to be performed with certain checklists.


This product portfolio includes tracking of every part required involved in any manufacturing industry. Also, every part gets verified first before that part leaves a particular station to make the work easier.

The Problem

We analyzed that all the assembly lines were managed manually; the work being carried out in each assembly line was accounted in a Travelcard (a web and mobile application). A tracking card was a multi-page booklet where all the necessary steps to be followed during assembly was defined along with various stages of quality check. The company vision was to get the record of the physical Travelcard and automate the complete process where all the updates were sent to the server at runtime through a digital device.

The Solution

Seasia developed an application to automate complete manufacturing process that provided ease to the employees as well as to the management at a certain level. Tracking every action with help of Travelcard Seasia develop a system called Travel Cards to Quality Check every part and subparts that industry is using during the manufacturing at the different station. It enabled the process to be managed dynamically during manufacturing. Long wait for the workers to get the things aligned is solved using this web application. With this, system workers will just log in and fill all the pre-requisites, Scan Bar Code and checklists for that particular Sub-assembly line. All the required information has been filled and submits it to next QP point.

Client Comments

“Seasia provided an excellent support during the complete tenure of development of this application. I can confidently recommend Seasia as a dedicated and reliable software development company, and experts in their field” Sandeep

Tools and Technologies

  • Mobile

  • Programming Language JAVA

  • Framework ANDROID

  • Client side Unity3D

  • Database NA

  • Web Server NA

  • Web Services NA

  • Tool Used Android Studio 3.0

  • Web

  • Programming Language C#

  • Framework Framework 4.0

  • Client side Unity3D

  • Database SQL 2008

  • Architecture Base 3 Tier

  • Services WCF

  • Data base connectivity ADO.NET

  • External API’s NA

  • Scripting language and library Jquery


Improves average delivery times, Transportation and inventory costs become cost-effective, Enhanced visibility, Improved dealership customer satisfaction, Streamlined operations, Support lean and just-in-time manufacturing processes.