Swish App is a social networking mobile app proposed to automate the process of goal planning for individuals, where the users are able to create their future goals and have a conversation regarding them with their friends.


Sam is an adventurous person who always comes up with a plan for himself and his friends. Being an owner of camping company he provides services to individuals looking for new experiences in traveling. His personality always allows him and others surrounding him to enjoy each aspect of life.

The Problem

The client came up with an idea to create a mobile application which aims to automate the process of hanging out with people, the users having social goals can publish the same and view all upcoming social goals laid out in a visual format.

The Solution

The Mobile app developers of Seasia provided the client with android and IOS applications which meet the motive behind the creation of it. It enables its users to generate their activity goals apart from the hectic schedule of day to day life.

Client Comments

“My Idea to manage my adventures and other goals in a mobile application is turned into reality by Seasia Developers. I am glad that through this mobile appl I am able to deliver this to other users as well” Sam Doshi Co Founder / Co Creator Relayo


The Android and IOS development team of Seasia once again proved themselves by providing a simple and unique mobile application that meets the desires of the client. The solution consists of many complex modules integrated in a user-friendly way. The App Provide the ability for the user to create his private or public goals, invite his friends and other individuals as per his wish. The participants are able to carry out the conversation to make the goal happen within the mobile application. Outsource Mobile App Development India; Seasia had met the client’s expectations once again.