Seasia provided Sumeru Solutions an application which proves to be scalable & reliable software platform for their enterprise, this platform help many of their clients in multinational banks sector to outsource their non-core banking process.


Headquartered in Bangalore with offices in different parts of India, also they marked their presence in countries like Germany, USA, and Sweden. We created digital interface platforms like apps, web interfaces, chatbots for every channel used in non-core banking process for back-office digitization and automation workflows and tools, integration for legacy systems & third-party services and data feed to analytics services. They are bifurcated with the name Ensource and Encollect

The Problem

Sumeru identifies that the major problem which most of the multinational bank face in non-core banking process is (1) There is no proper Db management of the customer approaching the bank for certain services due to which potential customer are sometimes lost just because the onboarding processes require customers to go through KYC and approval steps which in-turn effect the overall business of the bank (2) Also indeed there is no proper flow being followed and recorded at any end of the field collection services from the customer who already have had availed the services before and now has to pay back the debt amount.

The Solution

To overcome the above problems Seasia provided a solution in the form of digitally rich packages named as:

1. Ensource:the Entire Physical journey of the customer during its onboarding process across Tele callers, Agencies, Font end office, field agent is been digitized by this platform adding further using ENSource we can create channels to capture leads from third-party apps or insert buttons in social sites which link back to your lead capture process. 2. Encollect:By using allocation engine we provide an automated allocation of accounts to right telecallers, agencies, branches & field agents month to month. With ENCollect we can track field & branch collections operations performance at par with telecaller operations.

Client Comments

“My experience with team members of Seasia was worth appreciating as all the members of the team throughout the development was very supportive and active. 100% satisfied”.


We helped the client in improvising the performance of the developed application. The bottlenecks found during the entire development process were fixed on the priority that resulted in better overall application speed and stability of the application.