Star Kids

Star Kids is an application which comprises the story of two super kids who are on a mission help save our planet and protect all the people of earth.


Anyone playing video games since a decade very well knows how alluring mobile games have become. Among all, “Super Hero” videos games have always been popular among the kids and young. Our client noticed it and wanted us to develop a game named as “Star Kids” as superheroes are always in trend among youngsters.

The Problem

The client approached Seasia to develop a game that can provide an interactive experience which stimulates the kids toward a social lifestyle that include concern towards planet and people while playing games.

The Solution

Considering the client requirements, Seasia Team set forth to analyze the objectives behind and then develop this game. We developed a game that led to the entertainment of the user and also their moral enhancement. This game gave kids a platform where they can learn a valuable lesson concerning good versus evil with a good ending. When kids play this game they will also adopt these beliefs of fairness and justice, they might perform better in school.

Client Comments

“A positive support was provided by team Seasia; we were given a dedicated team throughout who gave their serious concern to every single detail. It was fun working with them. 100% trustworthy.” - Rick Swartzburg


Use the inbuilt key feature to explore all around the city, Mountain, Rural or Space levels as you unlock them. Practice mode feature in this mobile game is so anonymous that by using you can fly for hours and younger kids won't have to restart it. Use the Accelerometer tilting or on-screen joystick setting.