Sharp Question

Seasia helped Sharp Questions and their mission to pass the gap in communication between ordinary people and influencers. Furthermore, it opens the door to people who usually have fewer chances to meet influencers in their life. In addition, it gives the chance to influencers to know better, what regular people opinions are.


Our client is operating from 205-279 Midpark way S.E CALGARY AB Canada. Our client requirement was to build an app to reduce a gap between general public and influencer of USA and Canada. So people can get a better understanding of knowledge on one platform. Valuable information will empower people so trustworthy information they need to take better and well-formed decision.

The Problem

How we can explore maximum opportunities and information for knowledge seeker. How similar-interested people connect with each other on the same platform for knowledge exchange. How easily influencer conveys their information and knowledge to people.

The Solution

The Web was designed to have the user's device to send and receive information to a back-end server. The SQL server use for exchange and, rapid application development capabilities. Seasia web development team have Provided best Web designed Practices work to our client. The integration of all features in the same platform will visible user to get long time interaction. The user interface is easy and informative to keep the website in line with new best practices, which further enhanced online visibility of the website for the user. Our web development team has shown collective work.

Client Comments

“Seasia consultancy helped us built software that enable Businesses to understand how customer engages with their brands and deliver best Practices and values” - Jeyhun

Tools and Technologies

  • Languages Java (1.8) / J2ee

  • Database MySql

  • Tools Eclipse, SVN

  • Server Tomcat 8

  • Mobile Android and iPhone application development

  • Frameworks Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.x, Jquery 1.4.x, Bootstrap, HTML5, RESTful webservices, Amazon EC2, S3, Paypal

  • Environment Windows 7, Ubuntu, Java (1.8), Tomcat 7


The website designs will deliver the best value and show consistency in user experience. So users will be accessible with all platforms. All platforms friendly nature will make a different competitive edge for our client product.