Ken Boa

Ken Boa is a web application designed for Dr. Boa, here he is able to share his thoughts about life. He is able to share his videos, books and other stuff with public and also have a library to sale various books written by him.


Being connected with the Ministry of Relational Evangelism and Discipleship, Dr. Kenneth Boa is a teacher, writer, and speaker. Various accomplishments with him consist of BS from Case Institute of Technology, ThM from Dallas, Ph.D. from New York University and DPhil from University of Oxford, England.

The Problem

Dr. Boa, being a professional Teacher, Writer and Speaker wanted a platform where he will be able to act from his work to the public. He wanted a web application to share his video lectures, upload posts, and sell his books. This web app required all the various areas of work of Dr. Boa being collaborated under one end and shared with the public. He contacted Seasia, web application development company in Canada.

The Solution

The Designed Solution consisted of a platform that provided users with the content created by Dr. Boa without having an impact on quality of work presented in front of end users. It provided the ability for Dr. Boa to share their work on daily basis with the audience. Here the users are also provided with the ability to the books published by Dr. Boa along with a library to explore the knowledge provided by him.

Client Comments

“Seasia made my work easy by providing a single platform to provide my audiences with my various services. Here I am able to do all my tasks from my home and see various users’ activities through the backend of my web application which is very easy to manage. I am very happy with this.” Dr. Ken Boa Reflections Ministries


Seasia, web application development service provider was successfully able to provide Mr. Boa with a platform to meet his multitalented personality. In solution gave Mr. Boa the independence to provide their services from any corner or the earth others. The Solution provided the ability to manage the speeches, books, and marketplace under one roof.