IMBETTER - Challenge Tracker App gives users the ability to showcase their skill set and issue challenges to others. Whether you participate as an observer or judge or want to challenge yourself to see how your skills measure up with others around the Globe.


It is an online challenge tracker app which invokes competition among the challenges so as to showcase their abilities /talent as superior. This platform gives users a chance to connect and compete without geographical boundaries. Its Head Quarters are based in London and they are vastly expanding their operations in European Markets as well.

The Problem

LLya the owner of the Product contacted Seasia to solve the networking problem and eliminate the boundaries between the Users/Challengers. They were facing the issues while maintaining connecting with the challenges both one to one and one to many. There was also some filtration which is required to narrow down the search and to showcase the list of challenges to the like-minded persons.

The Solution

Seasia has provided the client with the most viable solution to cater all the requirements of the client by maintaining successful connections between the like-minded challengers and keeping a track on the activities they are performing. Not even this, we have also provided the solution to tackle all the monetary concerns in the system. Now the flow of the money after winning/losing the challenge occurs in a protected manner without any breach of the security protocols.

Client Comments

“Seasia team has incorporated our dreams into reality and taken our business to new heights removing the entire possible barrier to growth, the best thing I liked about them is the corporative approach they have.” Ilya Kroogman (Owner of the Product)

Tools and Technologies

  • Development Framework Dot Net Framework 4.0(Visual studio 2012)

  • Programming Language C#

  • Scripting Language/Library JQuery

  • Database SQL server 2008 r2

  • Architecture Base MVC4

  • Database Connectivity LINQ, Entity Framework 5.0


Seasia has performed at the optimal level to make the product a success in England. Now the daily visit list of users has crossed the 1 Million mark for the 3rd time in a row. Seasia has also been successful in implementing the features like the Video Upload, Video share, challenging a video, Comments on Video, Jackpot –Video Contest, jackpot share, Payment Gateway integrations and much more….