Health App

Nowadays health and fitness have become more and more prevalent. A healthy and fun way of achieving good health is traveling through bicycles.


An advanced iPhone application that provides secure, easy and quick access to rent your bicycles nearby your location for any specific available duration as per your budget. In this application, a user can behave both as a renter or owner. Users can share their feedback & ratings that prove to be helpful for other users for renting.

The Problem

Client’s focus was on the mobile application, required an extensive performance testing platform to stress application in which we were to determine the performance level of the application. The client had a large number of users of the application and expecting more numbers of users in coming holiday season. So, the client wanted us to check and let him know that currently how many concurrent and serial users can access the system and run the application without any performance issue or delay.

The Solution

The survival of the application in the extreme situations could be achieved by performance and Load testing and that at high volume traffic the application must maintain a reasonable speed along with the system functionality during heavy load.

As a solution to the above-mentioned problem, we used a combination of tools, test methodologies, and best practices to meet the client’s requirement and business goals. To do performance testing on the system Apache JMeter tool was used. As per the defined testing strategy, we successfully analyzed various parameters including maximum user load, throughput, and response time before the application was ready for deployment.

Client Comments

“My major concern was the load my application would bear; working with Seasia helped me with my concern and provided an excellent product. A big thanks to the team.”


We helped the client in reducing the challenges and improving the performance of the application. The bottlenecks found during the analysis were fixed with a minor effort that resulted in better overall application speed and stability of the application.