eMuseums - Tour Guide App

eMuseums involves visitors to the museums with enhanced images & sounds. It works on iBeacon technology. iBeacon sends the valuable information to each exhibit to ensure a memorable visit. A well-prepared personal tour guide in this application works on iBeacon technology. You get the relevant information when a user comes in proximity of beacon.


Headquartered in Brentwood with offices in the Los Angeles and running business. It helps you enrich the visitor experience and turn patrons into fans with highly-proficient and robust services, solutions fabricated on latest technologies.

The Problem

A Museum was not less than a labyrinth for tourists or visitors, it was not possible to enrich their experience without signage or pamphlets available for the visitors. Every time, tourist were hiring any guide to explore the location or monument, it was very costly deal for them, to buy the tickets for a museum as well as hire a guide too. So, the interest of the visitors was decreasing day-by-day or we can say our young generation were going far from our culture and values.

The Solution

We have delivered a tremendous resolution to keep the essence of their traditional way of business with a new feel of growth, some of the key functions are:

1. Intelligent Maps 2. Area Sensing 3. Involving People 4. Abundant Media 5. Goodbye Messages 6. Re-engage Benefactors

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Client Comments

“Beacon Development Services Company in India has provided me a wonderful solution to manage my business easily, they are really very sound and brilliant in their domains; I really recommend these guys. Thank you TEAM SEASIA!!!” Director of SnapInfo LLC, Brentwood, Los Angeles

Tools and Technologies

  • Programming Language Objective C

  • Framework iOS SDK, Xcode 8

  • Database CoreData,SQLite3

  • Web Services DotNet

  • Tools iBeacon, GPS, Estimote SDK


The solution developed by the mobile development company has proved to be beneficial in the following ways:   1. To access the information of any item or product in a museum is very simple and easy. 2. It is time-saving and cost-effective 3. It is an efficient way to get the information right in front of you i.e. on your smartphone without the involvement of any person or template