Drivermatics is an advanced smartphone application designed to help you stay safe while driving.


Drivermatics is an advanced smartphone application designed to help you stay safe while driving. It is a Dash-cam App that is designed for drivers and insurance companies to track a driver’s performance during journeys. The smart system provides a driver score at the end of each journey to allow you to evaluate your driving. It also provides an effective assistance mechanism during accidents or vehicle breakdown.

The Problem

With so many new cars hitting the road every day, coupled with new drivers and state-of-the-art engines driving has become one of the toughest tasks. Parents wish they could always sit next to their teens while they are driving, vehicle/fleet owners want to know where their vehicles are going and how the drivers are driving.

The Solution

The solution delivered by Seasia involved a robust system with driver score calculation, journey tracking, efficient video capture, Bluetooth connectivity and emergency services.

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Client Comments

“Your team is truly incredible. I cannot thank you enough for being so flexible. Honestly, it is such a pleasure to work with Seasia. I have and will continue to recommend your services to all of my friends and acquaintances. Seasia deserves all the recognition for their hard work and professionalism.” Gary Colins Director of Product Development

Tools and Technologies

  • iOS

  • IDE Xcode 9.3

  • Programming Language Swift 4 , Objective-C


  • Database SQLite

  • Tools Instruments, Simulator,Accessibility Inspector, Filemerge, Application Uploader

  • Android

  • IDE Android Studio (version 3.0.1)

  • Programming Language Core-Java, XML, Kotlin

  • SDK Android SDK

  • Database SQLite

  • Tools SQlite, Lint, Genymotion

  • Backend & web services

  • Development Framework 4.0

  • Programming Language C#, Web form , Kentico CMS

  • Scripting Language/Library Jquery

  • Database Sql Server 2010

  • Architecture Base N-tier

  • Database Connectivity

  • Service (if any) WCF Web services

  • External APIs Wowza Streaming Engine 4


Our experts were able to successfully deliver an efficient application with an easy-to-use interface that could track the live driving of a person. It presents an accurate set of parameters to calculate the driving score of any driver that can help to evaluate your driving competently.