DCentral 1 - Mobile Security App

Many of us are familiar with how certain applications in our mobile phones take permission willingly or unwillingly to our private data. DCentral 1 is a solution to such problems, it provides its user with the ability to manage various permissions he/she is providing to all the apps installed in his/her mobile device.


Future Tense central is a company aimed at providing security to consumer’s data. It was founded in 2013 with an effort to provide an aid to the users of various mobile apps to regain the control of their information and privacy. Mr. McAfee is also the founder of McAfee Associates and Pioneer.

The Problem

Today we all have a number of mobile applications installed in our system and because of our busy lives we are not able to give stress on how much data these applications are getting from our systems. Thus Mr. Jim Zee from Future Tense came up to us with an idea to provide a single mobile app where the user can manage various app permissions within a single app without exploring the settings of the device.

The Solution

The solution designed by Seasia mobile app development team consisted of a single mobile application where the user is able to view various apps downloaded by the user in his/her device along with the ability to manage the permissions of these mobile apps.

Client Comments

“Dcentral 1 app was in our thought from a long time and we are glad to collaborate with Seasia and its mobile app development team for turning it into an application. The work efforts provided by their team are recommendable. ” John McAfee Founder of McAfee Associates, Future Tense Secure Systems Lexington, Tennessee


Dcentral 1 is one of most successful mobile apps being used for the security of devices. The solution provided by mobile application developers of App Development Outsourcing India, Seasia is designed in a way to provide a more enhanced solution to complex requirements of the clients. This app not only helps you to keep an eye on various app permissions but also provide the ability to uninstall the app whenever required.