Centralized Voter Registration System

The “Centralized Voter Registration System” was implemented in eight different States of US. The domain of the project is Voter Registration System and Election Management.


The need was to provide a centralized HAVA compliant Voter Registration System with requirements specific to each of the States. It was also required to standardize the existing election processes in various counties within the States.

The Problem

The challenges of managing free and fair elections across the nation or its individual states are manifold and faced by governments all over the world. The key challenges were as follows: 1) There are potential issues like duplicate voter registrations, fraudulent voting, incorrect voter information and time delays associated with the process of voting. 2) In some counties, the individual counties/municipalities use their own legacy voter registration and election management systems. 3) Local election officials to maintain a ‘clean’ list by interfacing with important external agencies, such as death or felon records, yet no laws are in place mandating how these individual solutions were to operate. 4) In the United States, the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) was a bipartisan effort brought into federal legislation following the 2000 presidential election.

The Solution

We have the technology and the domain experience needed to aid the governments to successfully overcome election management challenges. The product developed for some U.S states is an enterprise-class, fault-tolerant and scalable election management software which provides a centralized HAVA-compliant voter registration system. The Electus system is currently implemented successfully and being used in eight U.S. states. The solution used the following advanced technologies for successful implementation of the project: DOT NET, Oracle, Active Reports, Web Service.

Client Comments

"Excellent work, all! This is indeed a great achievment, and moves us significantly down the road toward successful project completion." Mike Freese  


1) Highly secure. 2) Reduction in the cost that was incurred by the States toward manual/local systems. 3) Ease of use for the end users. 4) Easy maintenance and subsequent enhancement. 5) Implemented Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)

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