Carisba - A Social Networking Application

We helped Donna Tabaa to build her social networking web application Carisba, here different people can join together to build a Caribbean professional community and share various audio, video and image files with one another. This site has got a huge response from all generations.


Donna Tabana is a social worker; she works to join people amongst various professionals of Caribbean communities. She is active in organizing conferences and she had received a lot of popularity. She travels among various origins for grouping people together and combines their support for each other.

The Problem

The client wanted to have a web app where people under different professions of the same mindset together. Here she wanted a platform where people can join to have a conference and share the knowledge they carry with themselves in form of video, audio or image files. She wanted to come up a web application for Caribbean entrepreneurs, consumers, and professionals etc.

The Solution

The solution provided by web app development team consists of a web app with a secure platform for various entrepreneurs, consumers, and professionals of Caribbean community. This application is designed keeping in mind the type of professionals who are going to use it.

Client Comments

“The Seasia development team has provided me the web app beyond my expectation. The platform provided by them is being loved by all our users and we are able to manage all the stuff on our website without any hectic. It is one of the best products I came across in my experience. “ Donatilda Tabana Owner – Carisba


The Caribbean professional community provided a huge response to the web application. Getting their positive inputs, the community is actively running its conferences on Carisba. Daily a huge amount data is being shared among various individuals. It has become one of the most successful applications by the web application development service provider, Seasia.