App A Minute - Recruiting Software

Seasia creative design team provides a solution for on-demand hiring platform that streamlines the hiring process for three of the highest turnover industries, which are: Trucking, Food Service & In-Home care from start to finish. This platform allows employers to post jobs cost effectively, conduct live video-interviews, instant message, upload training videos and fully onboard an employee.


Our client is operating from Sacramento City in California with diverse portfolio companies that are aggregators, instead and work for providing a direct connection between job seekers and employers. They also make sure that an employer can hire potential employees as fast as they need.

The Problem

Our Seasia team has understood first that service industry jobs have a very high turnover rate and sometimes employers are left with half of their staff gone in a single day. This leaves the employer in a rush to fill those positions. Do you need to hire someone and have them ready to work right away now? App-A-Minute Well designed solution to hire a quality employee force and required domain team and has them ready to work the same day.

The Solution

Here client need is if a new candidate can be right without crucial documents check such as ID, Social Security Card and any certificates or credentialing documents the employer may require directly into the employer's document management system. The client wanted to spend time going back forth to sign or submit documents. This entire process had to be done on the same day so that we can have an employee ready to work whenever you need.

Client Comments

“Seasia Consultancy provided us with excellent advice and reliable implementations of best idea. Seasia Web Development team has showed state-of-the-art communication technologies and a high level of responsiveness.” - Vijai Bhatti and Japji Hundal

Tools and Technologies

  • Development Framework 4.5

  • Programming Language C#,MVC 4,Linq,Entity Framework

  • Scripting Language/Library Jquery

  • Database Sql Server 2014

  • Architecture Base Interface-Repository

  • Database Connectivity Linq Entity Framework/

  • Service (if any) Web Api

  • External APIs IceLink(For Video calling)


Employees can conveniently fill out & sign all type of form easily. So whether you’re an independent contractor or an employee, we’ve got you covered. Selected candidate can upload crucial documents such as all essential ID, Social Security Card and any certificates or credentialing documents the employer may require--directly into the employer's document management system.