Aloprofe - An Online Teaching Platform

The project aims to bring tutors and students on the same platform and assist them in sharing knowledge online. It will work as a collaboration platform using Scribbler where two parties can collaborate at the same time and draw and chat with functions supported in their accounts.


Jesus Castillo is a great social welfare activist and has a dream in his mind that he would build a teaching platform for all the people from where they can learn and get to know about various courses at minimal rates. As a residence of Chile, he wanted his nation to improve the educational literacy rate and increase the skills set by the people.

The Problem

The main purpose of the application is to assist the users of the application in minimal charges possible, for that first of all the user interface should be interactive and easy to access. We have to cater the requirement of both one to one and the one to multiple chat functionality.

The Solution

We have successfully implemented the chatting functionality without any lag and the response time in 1 second to deliver the message and regarding the designing of the website is concerned we have used the latest HTML-5 which is responsive to all mobile screen sizes.

Client Comments

“Seasia is very good at building Custom made applications as they have responded to each of our requirement in an effective manner without any friction of thought process.” Jesus Castillo

Tools and Technologies

  • Development Framework Spring 3, Hibernate, JPA, Spring MVC

  • Programming Language JAVA

  • Scripting Language/Library JQuery, JSP,JavaScript

  • Database MySQL

  • Architecture Base Spring MVC

  • Database Connectivity Hibernate


We have implemented the project to the optimal level as it can be judged from the user base it has maintained in the past 6 months.