Alert Missing

Alert Missing is a free mobile application that features reporting of missing persons, runaways, and kidnappings. Reports of missing persons, runaways and kidnap victims are referred to as “Missing” in this Application.


Dave Bergomi, A resident of USA was very annoyed about his daily stealing of assets and based on this problem he decided to give his society a platform where they can report all the issues and share it to the society. This application lets the user report all lost/stolen assets to the society, and anyone who has seen the missing stuff can inform the reporter about his asset.

The Problem

The main problem while creating this application was the level of authenticity which was required at the time of reporting the incident as anyone can report misleading information on the platform. The second major problem we faced was to showcase the missing events only to the filtered audience. The Third problem we faced was to maintain the data in real-time bases.

The Solution

Seasia has provided the client with an exceptional solution to cater all the authenticated process as we have linked all the details like the Mobile Number and Email account of the informer, so as they can’t load fake information in the mobile application and if they do so they can be traced easily.

Client Comments

“Seasia is an absolute delight to work with. They are flexible and talented workers. Not once have I doubted their capabilities during the project development, will surely come for more work in future.” Dave Bergomi


The Android and IOS developers of Seasia once again proved themselves by providing a simple and unique alert missing mobile application solution that meets the desires of the client.