Health Coach Connect - A Health Coaching App

We helped Health Coach Connect Team in building Electronic medical records (EMRs) which are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office.


Headquarters in US, Health Coach Connect LLC is an emerging online community of Health Coaches with a vision to serve clients worldwide who are interested in becoming a healthier version of themselves, all via Health Coach Connect website and mobile app!

The Problem

HCC Team approached Seasia to build a responsive web-application which helps their coaches in training, targeting, planning, tracking, evaluating and encouraging client’s health improvement. Seasia designed application which is scalable and future-ready.

The Solution

Health Coach Connect is a web-based platform that associates health coaches of variable areas with clients concerned in building routine variations to recover their health, wellness, and happiness with their life.

Client Comments

“We have had the privilege of working with Seasia on a major project for our company Health Coach Connect, LLC. We hired Seasia to build a HIPAA compliant health coaching mobile responsive application to connect health coaches to clients to create a supportive network for people wanting to make health changes.” Stacy Musial Co-founder Health coach connect

Tools and Technologies

  • Development Framework Net 4.0(Visual Studio 2010)

  • Programming Language C#

  • Scripting Language/Library JavaScript, J-Query

  • Database SQL Server 2008 R2

  • Architecture Base ASP.NET

  • Database Connectivity ADO.NET

  • Tools used Visual studio 2010


The solution provided by Seasia turned to be a benchmark as a web application development service provider in providing easy management of franchise and providing franchisee information to the users. The solution by our web development team enables the user to locate franchises and have a look at each franchise’s individual page without going to a separate website. It helps the client to keep all the data under one roof.