Why Brands Are Hitting User Generated Content For COVID-19 Marketing


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Why Brands Are Hitting User Generated Content For COVID-19 Marketing

July 20, 2020

Covid-19 has changed the way we live. The pandemic has made many of us depressed, jobless, and pushed the global economy into a big recession. No business has expected much loss before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

Undoubtedly, a lot of things are happening bad, but the one thing that is capturing the attention high and is helping the people interact every day with the brands online is social media. Social fans are growing with about 400% directly with the user-generated content. Many merchants have started launching customer-generated content campaigns for social media because it is one of the most effective strategies that has the huge potential to go viral, raise brand awareness, and generate more leads and sales. 

Do You Know What is User-Generated Content?

The term user generated content refers to any form of the content, or user-created content (UCC) that can be in an image, video, audio and is posted by the users on several online social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even on Wikipedia. The purpose of creating the content or UGC content is to notify the customers that the product or service belongs to the particular brand and is worthy of maintaining trust before purchasing. 

Now, if you think what UGC marketing is, then the answer is it is the marketing methodology that helps in the promotion of the brand with the authentic content created by users. Customer-generated content has become the cheapest way for companies to advertise the products online. This is why UGC is gaining popularity amongst brands during COVID-19, or brands are turning to UGC for COVID-19 marketing. 

Moreover, audiences are craving authenticity, which means whenever you start your business with user-generated content marketing, you will get success for sure. The original or story-based brand content creates a snowball effect for more social followers and higher engagement. 

Consumer-Generated Content Benefits That Marketers Should Know for Post COVID Marketing 

By posting user generated content on social media, you can experience the lucrative benefits in your business. Some of the advantages are given below:

Boost Customer Trust 

As per the study by Nielson consumer trust index, about 92% of folks trust the organic customer-generated content. Always create a killer organic content, mainly if you want to win the trust of your customers for life. The organic tactics can help you develop and maintain a strong brand presence and nurture your audience with a delightful content-driven experience. 

Build Strong Communities 

When you have won your customers' confidence and get high engagement levels on your platform, the place becomes greater for you to build a large community around your brand. 

High Search Engine Ranking Offerings 

Customer-generated marketing can assist you in gaining more likes and followers on your business' social media platforms because the user-generated content is regarded as more engaging, more relatable, and more important. The main thing is posts of Facebook and Twitter are also recorded by the search engines to provide you higher search engine rankings. 

Drive More Sales 

Customer-generated content is efficient for driving more sales and increasing the reputation of the brand. Moreover, with real stories, you can get an opportunity to create loyal customers. 

Best Ways to Use Consumer-Generated Content 

Make a Social Media Account with Memorable Name 

Never create a social media account with numbers as it puts a bad impression on your readers and will never give them a vibe to follow you. If you are interested in UGC marketing, make a business account with an interactive and memorable name. Your screen name is the first thing that people notice while visiting the account for the first time. Avoid choosing names "Elephant213" or "thecrispypotato23". 

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Verify the User Generated Content with Tools 

Are you thinking of how to verify user generated content? There are many toolkits available for fact-checking social media that may be used by the digital marketing agency and professionals to collect the reports of blog posts, videos, youtube, and tweets. 

For example - Checkdesk is an open-source application curated for the media partners to interact with the networks of community journalists' and allows to contextualize, track the social media content. It encourages public engagement and gives a fantastic experience of social media marketing. 

Use Right Hashtags 

Hashtags have become the trending social media strategy to promote the brand and boost fan growth. It is the unique and special keywords that make your content visible on social media marketing channels. Furthermore, the strategy makes it more convenient to engage with other users present on social media and lets you know about your competition. 

The other best way for user-generated content marketing is to run a hashtag content. Follow some rules to create a good contest. 

  1. Organize the contest for the people who have followed your account. 
  2. Tie up with the followers to use a hashtag of your brand to win the prize.
  3. Don't forget to shortlist the winners.
  4. Offer a small amount of prize money. 

Create Online Social Media Surveys & Questionnaires 

Start creating online social media surveys and questionnaires as a good UGC content marketing strategy. You can ask your audience questions to stick on your page and ask them to share the survey with their contact groups. GoogleForms, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm are few popular survey tools that you can consider to get your job done. The alternative way is to use the e-mails to help the customers to share their experience with your products. 

Make Your UGC Successful with Reviews & Ratings 

The creation of customer-generated content is not enough until you don't have a bulk of good reviews from your audience. The peer reviews and ratings are trusted by people more than the reviews and ratings given by specialists. Remember, negative feedback can bring your sales down, and positive impressions leave the place to generate hefty money from the service. 

Try to Publish Content Based on Seasons

Think about why AC ads are designed and highlighted in summers rather than winters because the good brands know that some products are sold as per the right seasons. Seasonal consumer-generated content fills the people with excitement, and offerings come for a shorter period. 

For Instance - Every December, your favorite coffee brand Starbucks launches the new RedCupContest to sell its seasonal beverages or to allure people to visit them and try their special holiday-themed drinks. The astonishing thing is it invites coffee lovers to upload their posts of red cups and give them a chance to win the gift cards or prize money. 


According to the stats, over 86% of companies prefer user generated content on social media to raise brand awareness. Similarly, Ads based consumer-generated content offer four-time faster click-through rates. 

Are you interested in taking part in UGC (User Generated Content) Marketing? Then, hire the user-generated content development team from Seasia Canada that is the renowned and most reliable software company to offer you top-notch social media services at the pocket-friendly rates. The firm's experts are skillful, more experienced, and passionate toward their work and have a never give up attitude. Their killer content strategies can take the business at the heights, even after a big pandemic. 

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