Best Ideas To Promote Virtual Events On Social Media In 2020


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Best Ideas To Promote Virtual Events On Social Media In 2020

July 7, 2020

Social media has become a global tool for interactive communication, sharing thoughts and ideas with the people who stay far and play a much more important part in our daily lives. 

From celebrities, Governments, companies, and VIPs to ordinary people, everyone uses top social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram to connect the world. 

According to the research, 700 million masses conduct Facebook event marketing each month. The exciting thing is that about 1.35 million people watch a public event on Facebook every day. So, we can estimate that it is one of the best ways to promote an event virtually. 

Moreover, a survey of Canadian book readers revealed that 62% of people spend much time on Facebook, 45% on Youtube, 25% on Twitter, 25% on Linkedin. 

Do you know how many daily users are attracted through Instagram? That's pretty interesting, and you really need to know that it is about 500 million. It has become an excellent destination for social media promotion or business advertising. 

Do you have any social media strategic plan for virtual events? Do you wanna know the tested ways to promote your business with social media marketing? Are you interested to know the creative ways to promote an event on social media?

If yes, don't go anywhere because we're going to provide you the best virtual events promotional ideas that you can practically implement on your business and can experience more insights after using it. 

How to Promote Events on Social Media - Simple & Effective Social Media Strategies Explained 

Try In-built Social Media Features to Gain Organic Traffic 

One of the fantastic social media 2020 strategies is to try to use all features provided inside the applications. Let's have examples of top social media channels and their specialized peculiarities. 

Use Instagram Stories for Business 

  • 50% of business owners on Instagram all over the world created at least one or more stories in a month. 
  • As per the stats, Instagram stories are appropriately utilized by nearly 500 million users regularly. 
  • One-third of the most common Instagram stories are shared by the companies as a social strategy to boost the business's growth. 

Instagram stories are one of the top-notch social media promotion ideas that you can grab and implement to attain Instagram engagement. 

Why is Event Promotion Important on Instagram Stories?

  • It can help you to maintain a high-quality business profile.
  • Whatever the virtual event you create, brilliant visible on your followers' feeds and allows those to view also who are not in your follower list. 
  • The right virtual video content can support you while getting targeted and the relevant audience for your business. 
  • From virtual job fairs, virtual trade shows, virtual conferences, and virtual sales-meetings to virtual translation meetings, you can schedule a number of social media events via stories and promote them naturally. 
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Host Virtual Events on Facebook Stories?

Facebook stories are the incredible social media strategy and answer for those who ask search engines all the time about how to promote an event on Facebook/Social Media. 

Facebook is also regarded as the blue whale of social media platforms and has around 1.66 billion daily active users. 

Facebook story feature is similar to that of Instagram; you can use the camera to record your virtual sessions and immediately share with your audience. 

How to Do a Virtual Event on Facebook?

If you are ready to host your own virtual Facebook event, check out some basic methods for Facebook event marketing in 2020. 

1. Choose an Interactive Theme

There are many possibilities to create a custom and interactive theme that can help you organize the theme with local events, calendar holidays, and based on your business goals. 

2. Choose an Eye-Catching Name for Your Virtual Event 

If you seriously want to know how to promote events on Facebook events, this one is a great answer for you. You can acknowledge it as one of the noticeable social media promotion ideas to obtain positive results. 

Nowadays, merchants choose SEO specialists and digital marketers because of the importance of social media at events and very well implement social media strategies. 

For example - the length of the Facebook event title should be 64 characters. It should be short, relevant to the brand, and memorable for customers. 

As an unprofessional or non-technical person, it would be challenging for you to manage the title alone because sometimes the whole title isn't visible on mobile devices. Therefore, you can opt for an experienced digital marketing agency to get the traffic-worthy title. 

3. Partnering with Another Organization to Minimize the Workload 

If you don't know how to promote on social media, select any dedicated organization for virtual event partnership. The great team or partners can help you lessen the excessive workload in business and interact with attendees to make your event successful. 

The software specialists of the digital marketing company are very well familiar with the paid and free promotion. They can quickly create the Facebook event page for you and can perform any types of business operations to help you generate some revenue. 

4. Never Miss to Get the Design of Facebook Event Cover Photo 

The social event looks incomplete without a beautiful cover photo because this is the main thing that tells what the event is and the basic purpose of the event. 

There is no need to use too many texts on cover photos because Facebook may reject the cover images if it contains more than 20% text. Similarly, 20% rule facebook advertisers are not allowed on Facebook, so you should keep it according to social media guidelines. 

5. Add a Location to Your Virtual Event 

Undoubtedly, you are going to organize the event virtually. For Facebook, you should include the location in your event to let the people know where the event belongs. 

Additionally, it is one of the best ways to promote an event on Facebook and the strategy to make the brand popular with its real location. 

6. Host the Event on Facebook with Specific Category

How do you promote an event? Are you using the category while facebook management? If not, you should start using it to let the people know what type of event you're hosting and what to expect. 

7. Add a Good Description for your Event 

Content is the real king that can't be ignorable, mainly for the social media events 2020. You can answer the WH questions within your description of an event. 

Apart from that, you can add hashtags and three searchable keywords to make your event count. 

8. Use Facebook Messenger 

Another virtual event social media promotion idea is to use Facebook messenger for direct communication. 

Many of them make groups to let people know about the profession, product, and services. It would be best if you stay active on all messengers to prove to your customers that you really care for them. 

Use Other Channels for Social Media Business Promotion 

Hosting an event on Facebook has lucrative benefits because it allows us to share everything on the timeline and provides Facebook ads to gain more traffic. 

Yet you have to keep in mind that there are other social media channels that you can continuously use to promote your content or anything you have decided to do in a virtual session. 

Additional Tips to Get Positive Impressions from Social Network

Use Emails 

Invite individuals on emails to attend your social-media-based virtual event. 

Use Website 

If you have any website, utilize the homepage to put the information about your virtual Facebook event. 

Use Twitter & Linkedin 

Never forget Twitter and Linkedin are another social media platform used for business promotion. You can make a post and any short-video clip to help the people know about your latest virtual events. Using the hashtag on social media is the next big thing to connect more users, branding, and increasing sales. 

Confused, how to promote an event on social media? No need to worry! If you don't have any good social media strategy, there is no need to worry because Seasia Canada is your virtual event technology specialist who offers significant technical support behind the scenes needed for engaging virtual events. 

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