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AI Predictions: What To Assume From Artificial Intelligence In 2020

August 18, 2020

According to the Canadian federal government’s minister of innovation for science and economic development, Canada has now been identified as one of the world’s largest players in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It may invest millions of dollars in this technology. But, its popularity derives from the country’s transparency and diversity. The data is collected from Fortune, and according to them, Americans simply think of Silicon Valley as a de facto technology hub, with neighbors throughout the north that artificial intelligence can lead to one of the most promising advances in years. 

Another study has taken from Fortune in which data stated that last November, Google set up a new A.I research group in Montreal office and committed to investing about $4.5 million in three years in the Montreal Institute for acquiring a knowledge of Algorithms, an A.I research lab at the University of Montreal. Moreover, Microsoft was also doubling the size of its local A.I research group earlier this year. The tech firm has even agreed to spend nearly $6 million to the University of Montreal and about $1 million to McGrill University within the next five years. As per Gartner, AI progress will be seen in 2020, especially in the business field, or we can say that this year is crucial to understand the substantial change in job growth. 

Gartner's study also demonstrated that AI-related economic development is projected to see positive growth of two million net new jobs by 2025. The technology is the digital reasoning platform that can play a lead role in the growth of employment. 

Everyone Excited to Know - What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Before discussing the 2020 predictions of AI or the future of artificial intelligence in 2020, you must first understand its meaning. So, Artificial Intelligence is known as “the human-like intelligence’ presented by software or machines. It is also characterized as CI (computational intelligence), the design, theory, application, and development of biologically and linguistically inspired computational concepts. Previously, three key foundations of CI are Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, and Evolutionary Computation. 

As we regarded AI above as the human-like-intelligence, it is possible for the technology to represent human intelligence in software or machines, that are further able to learn, plan, and process the information like the human mind. It can act and think for us. For instance - they help us to diagnose medical problems and allow us to predict the weather better. Similarly, there are several artificial intelligence future predictions that you need to know in 2020. Maybe, the technology becomes a blessing for composing music, cleaning homes, moving objects, providing personal care, or playing games with us. It is multidisciplinary research that covers computer science, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and linguistics. 

AI Predictions for 2020

AI Prediction 1: Companies Will Use AI To Recruit Employees 

AI to Recruit Employees

It is one of the first 2020 predictions that AI will change the recruiter's role with the help of augmented intelligence, which will enable HR managers to become more productive during hiring. It will allow the recruiters to determine the culture fit of candidates. Similarly, the relationships between candidate and hiring managers can be improved quickly with the use of KPIs, key performance indicators used by many businesses to measure the success rate. It is a value that lets the people evaluate the performance in their business and tells how effectively a firm meets its objectives. 

What is Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting? 

Artificial intelligence for recruiting is the application use of artificial intelligence. It can also be imagined as the problem-solving mobile application and learning that computers can do to run operations in recruitment agencies. This technology can be used in the mobile app to automate some complex parts of the recruiting workflow, and it can help eliminate the repetition of tasks. 

A large amount of data is used by data to offer more accurate suggestions and recommendations. It can be combined into learning management systems and onboarding to provide tailor-fit programs based on hiring new skills, prior experience, and knowledge. As per predictions 2020, some people believe that AI will support organizations' recruiting process by using problem-solving and machine-learning techniques to help find the right candidate(s) for a particular position. 

AI Prediction 2: Artificial Intelligence Will Turn Simple Chatbots To Digital Assistants


According to Messenger Chatbot statistics, the total number of chatbots rose by 100,000 users in 2018. Consumers and companies received about 8 million messages in a day. As per CX Network, 53% of companies identify Artificial Intelligence as a tool for creating ‘customer-first culture.’ 

70% of millennials got positive experience when using chatbots in real-life, reported by Forbes. Chatbots was most popular among baby boomers and millennials, stated by Chatbots Magazine in 2019. Nearly 80% of businesses are estimated to combine some chatbot systems by 2020. 

If we talk about chatbots, then it is a software application that is used to solve simple question answers when people interact with them either through texts or voice notes. The key predictions for voice in 2020 are voice push notifications, streamlined conversions, touch interaction, changeable search behaviors. Artificial intelligence future trends will cover digital assistants, and it is assumed that AI will turn simple chatbots to mobile assistants, virtual digital assistants. For Example - Oracle Digital Assistant already offers the tools and platform to develop AI-based assistants and connect this technology with backend applications. A digital assistant of Oracle also uses artificial language for better understanding, natural processing, and to improve conversational interface tasks so that one can make an immediate response in the software & can get a chance to increase the efficiency in business. 

AI Prediction 3: Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Cybersecurity 


It is one of the interesting artificial intelligence predictions from Capgemini - about 63% of companies are planning to deploy AI in 2020 for improving Cybersecurity. The data, collected from Forbes, stated that Capgemini discovered that almost one in five companies had used AI to enhance Cybersecurity before 2019. Moreover, data security, network protection, application security, and access management are the top priority use cases for improving information security with artificial intelligence in modern businesses. 

The super-fast wireless communications technology and 5G services will provide numerous chances to reach the business at heights. The trends of AI can be used to monitor illegal activities or behavior of hackers. With advancements in social engineering and phishing, hacking can become more complicated because this smart technology can protect the audience from cyber attacks. It may alert the people with notifications or will let them know their sensitive details are expected to be breached. 

AI Prediction 4: Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future Of Healthcare 


AI progress is projected in healthcare because technology has been playing a significant role in various industries for decades. As per Frost & Sullivan, a research and consulting firm predicts that AI devices are expected to become a $6 billion market by 2021.

A recent McKinsey study forecasts that healthcare will be one of the top five sectors out of more than 50 use cases, including AI, and more than USD 1 billion already invested in start-up equity. Therefore, we can say that AI will become the game-changer for patient care. 

AI Prediction 5: Artificial Intelligence Will Gain Supply Chain Efficiency 

supply chain software

The models of machine learning and algorithms are based on patterns, statistical analysis in massive data sets and may focus on excellence while identifying correlations. So, it can solve complex issues of the supply chain because most of them feel that managing a logistic solution is very time consuming, costs hefty money, and needs various resources to get perfection in the business. 

AI-based supply chain software will help professionals track processes and provide timely feedback through a quick conversational user interface or chatbots. The efficiency of the supply chain can be increased with technology, and it may reduce the manual activity in the future. IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help companies manage their events and avoid interruption. With new advances, one may easily coordinate with workers to implement warehouse operations and to support efficient route transportation. 

What Are Your AI Predictions For 2020?

Do you have a crystal clear image in your mind - how AI will improve our lives? According to us, AI can be an ideal-fit option for marketing, financing, agriculture, gaming, space exploration, finance, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare. Now, the decision is yours. Do you want to automate your business with intelligent AI technologies? If yes, hire AI developers from Seasia Canada, an award-winning software development company in Edmonton that can offer you world-class services using artificial intelligence. 

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