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Increase your software accuracy, and saves your time

Seasia Canada offers best Automation Testing Services in Canada as our proficient QA analysts utilize the most technologically advanced automation tools to write and perform test cases. There is no need of standard involvement while the execution of automated test suite. The core purpose Automation Testing Services in Canada and world-over is to increase the test efficiency and deliver valuable and efficient software. Testing of software and applications is crucial mainly because it helps in validation of functionality, performance, quality and other vital aspects, while increasing their quality and effectiveness.

Deliver quality solutions through Automation Testing

Automation testing in Canada is gaining lot of popularity and is crucial for all businesses, be it SMEs or start-ups as they are more efficient and pocket-friendly, compared to other testing processes. Seasia Canada is a leading company having great expertise in providing Automation Testing Services in Canada and to its clients in other parts of the world.

Our Expertise

  • Web Test Automation

    We offer web automation testing using Java to get exceptional repository, messaging and uninterrupted functioning, and using various platforms, OS and devices.

  • Mobile Test Automation

    To deliver superior user experience and effortless accessibility, we perform Mobile Test Automation by validating functionality, performance, network configuration, etc.

  • Hybrid Test Automation Framework

    This concept uses the advantage of both keyword and data-driven framework, to produce beneficial outcomes like increased code re-usage, higher portability, cost-effective, etc.

  • Performance Testing

    This testing is done to determine the speed, stability and responsiveness of a computer, software program or a network, which is under a workload, to locate bottlenecks, if any.

  • Test Reporting

    Everything needs to be documented properly and test reports are used to record data obtained from an evaluation experiment in an organized manner, considering other aspects.

Why Choose Seasia Canada for Automation Testing?

  • 01.

    Meet your business requirements

    Our analysts give proper attention to your business requirements and utilize the most suitable automation testing approach based on them. Our test cases are precise to bring out the best performance out of your mobile website or app.

  • 02.

    Improved Performance

    At Seasia Canada, focus on improving the performance of a system by following a series of tests with a diverse number of users through automation testing tool. Our team is dedicated to remove any bottlenecks, if they exist in the system.

  • 03.

    Proficient and well-acquainted Team

    We have a very dedicated and experienced team of professionals who understand and work as per the audience expectations. The test cases that we consider are based on the aspects that influence the website’s functionality.

  • 04.

    Diverse Automation Tools

    At Seasia Canada we use various automation tools, which are best suited according to the requirements, by closely examining the sole purpose of product development. It actually helps to build customized test case scenarios.

  • 05.

    Varied Testing Scenarios

    By testing in various testing scenarios, our team ensures that there is perfect consistency maintained at all levels and the end results are reliable. It helps in getting accurate outputs and saves a lot of time and cost.

Dcentral 1 app was in our thought from a long time and we are glad to collaborate with Seasia and its mobile app development team for turning it into an application. The work efforts provided by their team are recommendable.

John McAfee

Founder of McAfee Associates, Future Tense Secure Systems Lexington, Tennessee

Seasia team has provided me a wonderful solution to manage my business easily, they are really very sound and brilliant developers; I really recommend these guys. Thank you TEAM SEASIA!!!”

Sonny Kessebeh

Director of ASPENCL LLC, Minnesota, US

My major concern was the load my application would bear; working with Seasia helped me with my concern and provided an excellent product. A big thanks to the team.

Excellent work, all! This is indeed a great achievment, and moves us significantly down the road toward successful project completion.".

Mike Freese

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